VMware IaaS – Upload an ISO image to my Cloud and use it as DVD disc in my VM

In the VMware IaaS service provided by vServerCenter, user can upload their own ISO images for their own use via the Web Manage interface.

1. First of all, log in to the Web Management interface. Once you log in, click the Catalogs tab between My Cloud and Administration.

2. Under My Organization’s Catalogs, click the + symbol to Add a catalog.

3. In the New Catalog window, enter the name of the catalog. Click Next to continue.

4. In the Share this Catalog section, click the Add Members… button.

5. You can select a predefined member(s) or group(s) here, or just like in this example, choose Everyone in the organization.

6. Once we select who can access the resource, we need to grant the access level to the person(s) or group(s). You can choose between Read Only, Read/Write and Full Control. In our example here, we choose Read Only.

7. Review the information and click Finish to apply the changes.

8. Now, a new Catalog called ISO-Share is created. Now, click the newly created Catalog.

9. Under ISO-Share (the new catalog created from the previous steps) -> vApp Templates tab, click the Upload icon.

10. A new window will pop up within the browser. Click the Browse button to locate your ISO file. Then entering the name and the description for the ISO file and click the Upload button.

11. It may take awhile for the file to transfer. The actual time varies based on your connection speed and the size of the ISO file.

12. Once the transfer is finished, you can close the transfer window.

13. Now, the newly uploaded ISO file is listed under the Media in the Catalog.

14. To use the ISO file as a DVD disc, go to the VM section under My Cloud tab. Right click the VM and choose Insert CD/DVD from Catalog.

15. Choose the ISO file from the catalog and click the Insert button. Now, the ISO file is available as a CD/DVD disc in the VM.
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